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Financial Management

This package has courses that are designed to improve your capacity and skills in planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring financial resources with a view to achieving organizational goals and objectives. These courses provide the learner with the know-how on vital processes such as budgeting, planning, reporting among others in this key discipline in the management of an organization.

Target Audience: In this package, you will find courses for finance managers who are in charge of controlling financial activities of an organization, non-finance managers aiming to improve their understanding of financial processes in the organizations and efficient functioning of an organization, finance officers who would like to improve their capacities and skills in finance and accounting disciplines.

Humanitarian & Development

In this package, you will find courses aimed at equipping staff working in emergency and humanitarian environments. The courses provide skills and knowledge on different humanitarian interventions, provide various toolkits that have been used. Organizations that seek to prepare their staff to respond fast and manage risks in the volatile environments effectively and working in humanitarian contexts will find these courses useful.

Target Audience: These courses will benefit staff working in the humanitarian sectors as well as others who want to join the sector. Senior Leaders in an organization that respond to emergencies will also benefit from this package as it will provide skills to manage humanitarian programs.

Management & Leadership

This package contains empowering and skills developing courses that aim to build the capacity of staff in an organization to leaders. Managing and leading the organization requires behavioral changes, confidence building, emotional intelligence, these courses have been developed with leaders in mind and provide the right mix of teaching tools, principles and scenario building to imitate the working environment.

Target Audience: Emerging leaders, staff transitioning from technical to managerial positions, executive leaders who want to build skills and all staff seeking to improve their leadership skills.

Program Management

An effective organization is as good as its programs, therefore it is important to build the skills and capacity of staff working in this discipline. This package provides tools, methodologies, and principles to enhance and support the full program cycle. Modulated learning programs provide a holistic learning experience and give a first-hand experience through problem-solving exercises that are developed from real programs.

Target Audience: All staff working in organizations that deliver programs. Dedicated program staff who want to increase their skills, improve their knowledge on program delivery, fundraisers who want to understand the donor-funded programs.

HR & Learning (incl. Safeguarding)

This package contains courses aimed at developing the most important and strategic resource in an organization. Skilled staff will deliver effective and stronger results leading to a more sustainable organization. This package contains courses aimed at improving the HR function, improving the skills of the staff through learning and development programs and courses that provide policies that protect the vulnerable staff in the organization.

Target Audience: All staff in the organization for personal development. Staff in the HR, Learning and Safeguarding functions. Leaders who want to improve their knowledge and skills in this discipline.

Digital Skills

Digital advance is at an all high which rapid changes continuing, to keep abreast with the pace, this package has courses that provide basic and advanced digital skills necessary to deliver in today’s world. Topics ranging from Microsoft Suite to Information security to designing and hosting a website.

Target Audience: All staff working in the organization to improve their basic and advanced computer skills. Staff responsible for digital advancement and managers who want to learn how to improve efficiency by leveraging on digital.


´╗┐Per Package: $2,500

Some courses within each package come with a small nominal fee based on per user per the calendar year.

Level 1 membership: $7000

Level 1 provides you with all packages and more.

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