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eCornell is highly supportive of our vision of making world-class learning available to anyone working in the developing world to reduce poverty and alleviate suffering. eCornell courses are eCornell.Logo_available ONLY to member organization staff for a steeply discounted price of US$45 (course notes are an additional $5). eCornell certificate normally cost about $6,600 (an average of $1,100 per course). Staff who want to access eCornell’s award-winning program through LINGOs may purchase seats individually with a credit card at the time of registration or the organization may purchase a batch of seats.
00108267eCornell provides heavily subsidized seats to employees of HLS  member agencies in the following areas:

Project Leadership
Management Essentials
Leadership and Strategic Management
Financial Management
HR Management
Health Care
Hospitality and Food Service Management
Marketing Strategy for Business Leaders

Format of the Class

In these online courses, each student belongs to a class.  This means that students will complete assignments with the class, have open discussions with the class and interact with the instructor.  Students will need to complete the reading and homework assignments and can expect the instructor will return their homework and ask that parts of it be redone. The class is offered in a very specific amount of time (several weeks) and students must complete assignments during that time.  Participation in group discussions and completion of a student profile are also mandatory. Students must have a reliable internet connection, strong fluency in English and 10-20 hours available during the course session.